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What Do You See?

#whatdoyousee when you view "Guardian of the Sea?" Maybe it's a place you remember, a #croatian coastal scene of a #peacefulplace along the Adriatic Sea. Maybe it's the seaside near #pula. When #ipaint in watercolors, I let my #nondominanthand #becurious in setting the scene, often a #naturepainting.

I see a Croatian rest stop with my friends Romana and Katja, the second time I visited Slovenia, a place that rests in my heart. It also reminds me of the two kilometers along #piran. You may see something else with your #fondmemories.

Bring this original watercolor painting on acrylic paper into your home for $200 USD+tax and shipping.

Get in touch to find out how this peaceful can find your home.

Thank you for visiting.

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