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Oil Painting Tips

When I paint with oils, it's with coldwax medium. Drying faster with richer textures and layering, it comes in metal cans of different sizes; I buy my art supplies from Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff. The price can't be beaten. Their product line offers high quality options.

Often I use palette knives and other art marking tools like old credit cards when I need to make harsh straight edges. I choose Gamblin’s palette knives which hold up unlike other brands.

Bamboo skewers are recommended for making wispy grass blowing in the wind applying layers of different shades of sap green, yellow ochre and others.

I took an online class with @lisamannfineart and learned about the value of the roller! Apply the first layer of paint on archival paper. Re-roll it to get the desired coverage. Add different shades to almost dry layers to create textures such as using for old European walls.

To keep the bristles soft after cleaning, put them in a jar of vegetable oil. Remove them and wipe off the excess for the next use. If you like an easier clean-up, Windsor Newton offers water mixed oils - well worth the higher price. Gamblin has a solvent for the same solution, an environmentally friendly result. Unlike mineral spirits which I used for years, there's no odor.

From my teenage years I mostly painted in oil and linquin. I liked that paintings had a long drying time to perfect my piece. In my younger years, I believed if what I painted didn't look like the original picture, the work was a failure. Eventually I unlearned that falsehood, the little lies we tell ourselves.The beauty of paintings comes from the artist interpretation.

While I've learned many painting techniques, the most important lesson I've learned is the value of curiosity.

Get in touch through my site. to inquire about creating your interior transformation for your peaceful place with my original paintings.

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