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Interview with Kathleen Heady, Mystery & Fantasy Author

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Kathleen Heady ( is the author of four mystery novels featuring Nara Blake, a young woman who investigates lost and stolen art. For the readers, we met at a creative writing workshop at L’Avenc de Tavertet three hours from Barcelona, Spain.

What inspires your writing?

The mysteries I’ve written revolve around my travels. My first trip to Europe was a trip to Britain with my parents. A man carried a briefcase everywhere. All I could think about was what was in it; when I travel my curiosity comes more alive. I write about topics that interest me: art, art smuggling and art theft. In writing The Gate House, in my research I discovered websites that existed to assist churches in looking for stolen artifacts. The connection between Spain and England began with characters Nara and Alex working at the Tate Museum, (the national collection of modern art and British art) and the true life artist, Felicia Brown whose exhibits have been at the Tate.

What can you share about online publishing?

Get involved in organizations related to your genre. I started with Sisters of Crime which offers writer workshops, panels and talks through libraries (Sisters of Crime does allow men). Related to promoting, I recommend Book Marketing Global Network. They did a paid review which was then published on Amazon; that review has been made available in places I didn’t have access to. BookBub is another site for promotion focusing on ebooks. Going with a small publisher has been a good experience; I trust the people I’ve worked with. Pursue your options around whether to have a bestseller or to be a published writer.

Talk about your process in deciding when a piece is ready to be published and the process that follows.

My husband and one other person read my first book. I have worked with critique groups and other writers since then. In my first novel, I wrote a synopsis and a company called Virtual Tales responded wanting to see my manuscript. I was shocked how fast it came; I delayed further contact for a couple of months wondering if it was legitimate. After Virtual Tales looked at my manuscript, they sent a contract to which I gave to my attorney for review. I was visiting Costa Rica when I found out Virtual Tales had closed. I had lived and taught there several years previously. I’m currently working with Sage Words Publishing, a small press.

You’ve written four mysteries and one historical fantasy. What’s Next?

In the back of my mind is an idea for a sequel to the historical fantasy. However, I’m already at work on another story with the Nara and Alex Series. Nara is from the fictional island of “Saint Clare” in the Caribbean. There will be a connection with Costa Rica. Jorge, one of the characters from Sacrifice, is there now.

Written by © 2022, Amanda L. Mottorn, an emerging creative is author of Finding Moksha: One Woman’s Path in Uncertain Times and Artist at Modern Moksha Designs & Publishing.

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