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How Your Non-Dominant Hand Helps You

When you're not able to hear your #intuition, using the #nondominanthand reveals the answer.

Non-dominant handwriting goes deeper when no answer rises to the surface.

It helps get to the truth inside ourselves.

I use it by writing a question with my right (dominant) hand and answering with my left hand.

Sometimes I use my non-dominant hand to paint which offers a more fluid style.

These are my best #watercolorpaintings. The paintings below result from a visit to Castle Sforzesco in viewing early art in Milano.

  1. "Design from Castello Sforzesco." watercolor on archival paper. 180 x 240 mm

  2. "Design 2 from Castello Sforzesco." watercolor and oil pastels on archival paper. 180 x 240 mm.

Get in touch to start your #interiortransformation with my #originalpaintings. Follow me on Instagram. Learn methods I've used to cultivate inner peace and self-acceptance, new paintings, and other announcements.

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