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Happy Easter!

As some of your already know, my mom lives in a memory care center. Awhile back I was having a tough time and a friend Dieter Langenecker helped me find my way. As I've mentioned in other posts, I see my mom on Sundays and Thursdays. The day before each visit I make a new drawing for Mom to color.

While she colors, I paint in watercolor. I use art therapy to bring mom to her peaceful place. It helps me, too.

Today's drawing is based on Dieter's suggestion that day. He told me to come up with positive words that describe me. It wasn't an easy exercise. He helped me when I couldn't think of anything. At the time I'd used my non-dominant hand to draw the picture. When I walk in the woods, I love seeing burls on trees. I made wide circles within the limbs. After I finished drawing, he said to hang the drawing in a place where I will see it everyday.

With Easter today I drew my picture and wrote positive words in the burls to describe Mom. I added more birds and flying squirrels for the bird seed that used to hang at Mom's house. Art as a universal language to converse with Mom. It gives us quality time when we don't always have the right words.

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