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All’s Quiet on the Pittsburgh Front

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

I haven’t forgotten you, delightful readers, curious introverts and other dear ones. As I type two small woodpeckers are on a tree outside my kitchen window. Yoga music plays in the background. As I turn my head the birds are gone. Opportunities are like that. We miss them if we don’t pay attention.

The “Interviews with Creators” feature will continue as I reach out to others on my mental checklist. If you’d like to talk about your creative process, or have had ideas but not sure how to start, let’s connect. We can explore working together. If you’re thinking about it, the journey has already started. Give yourself a hug; you’re well on your way.

When I started promoting my writing and art, many of my colleagues had no idea about my creativity. I kept it hidden from my work life. Once after wrapping up an online customer appointment who lives in Minnesota, my contact told me about a painting she planned on working on. With some coaxing, she showed me and talked about her art. The discovery was a joy and the bond it created was powerful. As human beings we all experience fear. Through discovery and connection, we learn how much more we can love ourselves.

What is your word for 2022? My word is surrender, the theme in one of my recent paintings. Surrendering gives me permission to let go, to forget about what everyone thinks and follow on what I believe. It opens the door to new paths. It means seeing the gems like the eight robins sitting on the branches outside while Pittsburgh snow flurries come down. Surrendering is about being still, listening and acting on the intuitive thoughts. What awaits you?

—Written by Amanda L. Mottorn, © 2022, author of Finding Moksha: One Woman’s Path in Uncertain Times and Artist at Modern Moksha Designs & Publishing.

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