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2022 Reflections?

2022 was a year of following meaningful leads to support building my stature and growth as an artist and author.

  1. Being represented by Mona Youssef Gallery, first in her online gallery and later in Paris for Art-Shopping at Carrousel du Louvre.

  2. Meeting Mona brought me to meet other international artists: Henrik Fischer, Roshi Khalilian, Ramona Stelzer, Gottfried Römer, Russell Vancek, Vera Kober.

  3. International friends gathered to support me: Alessandra via Milano and Julien and Svetlana in Paris and Isa Levy who traveled from London.

  4. What I learned in my last career came up in my new one: networking with other artists while we spoke broken French, Italian and English while in Paris - Sara Bartolini, Badia Bennani and her brother, Jacqueline Gallicot-madar, Photographer Jacques Belloteau, Veronique Lonchamp, Brigitte Schweitzer and others.

It was a year I transitioned my career from doing what I knew (comfortable and safe) to using my bravery in acting when my heart screamed yes.

2022 brought me a lead from a global networking group to find temporary work at a private university working mostly full-time hours (37.5 for one week) which felt like part-time in the corporate world.

Last year led me to new ways of making a living while supporting and growing my art. It was the year my mantra, use your resources came to light: various people guided me through my financial change. My previous work industry was almost crushed by the pandemic; that work no longer held the same worthiness and joy compared to art and writing. Yes, the old way of living brought a lot of money. The new way of living builds my inner peace and self-compassion and the ability to share my message to the world.

I embraced saying yes to joy, inner peace and self-compassion (not just on days off). I was and remain grateful for the people I met along the way, even the job interviews that didn’t lead to fruition. Those losses helped get me to Paris for the Art-Shopping exhibition at Carrousel du Louvre. I grew my network by meeting international artists. I reconnected with my dear friend Alessandra and her family in Milano.

Last year was about getting closer to my mom and thanking her for her sacrifices. It was about writing my gratitude to her before her illness takes her away.

To see my mom hold my card against her heart — it’s a loving memory I won’t forget.

Other joyful moments exist in 2022; these are the ones that came to me.

What emotional events stand out for you? What gave you joy?

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© This article and painting, "Reflections" is a copyrighted work. It may not be copied or reproduced. Amanda L. Mottorn, 2022.

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