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Hear what art collectors are saying about working with me.

"I've known Amanda for a long time from her previous sales work. Her skills in customer care have transferred to her art sales. Amanda is very responsive and gives thoughtful answers to questions. I purchased a watercolor in blues and purples and the color was vivid when it arrived. Packaging was great and I'm very happy to have one of her pieces."        - - Jenny Brosek, USA


"I first met Amanda on a writing retreat in Spain in 2015. Besides reading and enjoying her book, Finding Moksha, I have come to admire her art and the way she uses color and light. I purchased the painting of "Driftwood" after I saw it on her website and fell in love with it. I love how the colors with the contrast of flowers, water and sky. The painting arrived perfectly packaged in a timely manner. I have it hanging in my office and I look at it often."  
-Kathleen Heady, author of mystery novels and young adult fiction



"I immediately fell in love with Amanda's paintings. The colors are fantastic. My wife, an art history major also loved Amanda's use of color and the designs as well. The difficult part was deciding which one would work best for it and how to display it. Amanda provided details, answered questions, and provided a couple of suggestions. We finally settled on one that seemed the perfect size and color for a spot in our living room, and, indeed, it is perfect for that spot. It draws you in and is calming. It reminds me of my many walks in the woods. We love it. Amanda handed over the painting in person, but it packaged very well and could have easily been shipped."
-Dennis Smith, USA 


"I commissioned Amanda to paint scenes at my home in the Ligonier Valley of Pennsylvania. She produced two nature watercolor paintings with brilliant effect. The Loyalhanna Creek is portrayed with the sunlight reflecting the many colors of the prism. An oak tree stream-side is reflecting the sun off of its green leaves. 

At Jack's Place part 1.jpg

At Jack's Place, Part 1

Memorable is that she painted from a camping chair out in the middle of the creek. She coordinated the framing and delivery of the paintings. The final effect of the framed paintings is stunning. These will be proudly hung in my home. I am thankful."
 Jack C., USA

At Jack's Place Part 2.jpg

At Jack's Place, Part 2

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