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A Novel by Amanda L. Mottorn

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As a teenager, Eva tries to stop her father’s drinking while attempting to find solidarity in his trips in nature. In her art, she feels complete until learning she’s not good enough. These themes continue into her adult life despite a deep connection with her cousin Michelle, and, when Eva starts attending yoga classes. A forgotten memory haunts Eva. The two cousins remain tight until Michelle tries to help Eva break free from her destructive patterns while having a secret of her own that may end their close ties forever. After many years of Eva’s parents being together, their divorce releases a repressed memory as she tries to establish boundaries with her parents. Gwen, Eva’s friend guides her through her relationships and encourages her to use yoga for solace. At a breaking point, Eva is about to lose her job, has a cold that won’t go away, and is overwhelmed with her relationships. The day before the cancellation, she commits to a trip in Costa Rica that could change her life in ways she never thought possible. 


“Eva's complicated relationship with her family is relatable and well-written, especially with her mother. The ambivalence she feels toward her parents rings true for children of addicted parents, and as she works her way through these feelings, the reader sympathizes with her and also grows with her. Well done!”— Judge, 29th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

"It was an easy read, and [the author's] wisdom with the subject - alcoholic parent, co-dependency and difficult relationships for some children of alcoholics, made it a must read." — Adrianne Kendall, New Zealand 

"I love the way the author tells the heart-breaking story of Eva's early life, and how her practice of yoga puts her on the path to healing. The story is realistically told without letting go of the prospect of hope. Eva has suffered a great deal but is willing to learn and grow. A beautiful story, beautifully told."

— Kathleen Heady, Author of Jewels in Time

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